Finding the Sun's Nearest Stars, A3 Poster, Gold Foil


Image of Finding the Sun's Nearest Stars, A3 Poster, Gold Foil

This poster aim's to get viewers interested in the nights sky, the stars around us and our position amongst them.

Size: 297mm 420mm (without frame)

Below is the text which features in the lower half of the poster:

In The Night Sky
Proxima Centauri can be found near the Centaurus constellation and is highlighted in gold in the diagram above. A telescope is needed to see Proxima. However, Alpha Centauri is Proxima’s much brighter neighbour and is visible to the naked eye.

Where On Earth
Viewing either Proxima or Alpha Centauri from Earth requires looking from a location below around 29˚ latitude. Neither is visible from most of North America and Europe, but both stars are visible from Africa and South America.

Star System
Alpha Centauri is actually two stars named Alpha Centauri A and B, making it a binary star system. There is speculation that Proxima Centauri is a part of A and B’s star system. As a result, Proxima is sometimes called Alpha Centauri C.

Star Notes
An Earth-sized planet has been found orbiting Proxima Centauri named Proxima b. Interestingly, Proxima b also appears to be within the habitable zone, the area in which liquid water can be present and therefore has the potential for life.